Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Here's a few of our newest members added in June.

We had 32 new members added to our team this month! Yeah 
We welcome all our new members and I just wanted take time out to introduce you to a few of them.
Remember to visit our Etsy Team Page for a complete list of all EAOC members. 
  1.  Empressauj
  2.  KnittiGritti
  3. DoughNation
  4. 1ElecticChick
  5. MonetCreations
  6. SkinFolk
  7. Jewelicide
  8. NativeWorks
  9. Kankou

Team Captain


Dee said...

beautiful things..such talent in this it!

Patrice-The Soap Seduction said...

Welcome new team members!!! The talent just keeps on pouring in...

Libby said...

Welcome, new members! These are some very beautiful items. Can't wait to check out the new shops.

Angie said...

Welcome NEW members....

1eclecticchick said...

Proud to be a new member!

empress auj said...

such an honor to be apart of this group! give thanks.


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