Saturday, February 26, 2011

EAOC's Collective Blogging Event: James Van Der Zee

Thank you to all our readers, supporters and members who participated in EAOC's collective blogging event in honor of Black History Month.
In bringing this event to a close.  EAOC Member Robert Trujillo remembers James Van Der Zee.  

"I don’ t remember exactly which library I was in the first time I came across his work. But I do remember wanting to take the “ Harlem book of dead” home. It was a series of photographs about people who had passed away. He captured time, space, and energy so well that I copied many of the photos and pasted them into my sketchbook, which Istill have somewhere. His body of work is incredible. While living in New York I had a chance to see some more of his work at The Studio Museum in Harlem. Wow, I was blown away again. The sepia tones and contrast in his pieces are of great interest to me. I conjure up a bit of him in my work as a great inspiration."

"James Van Der Zee is a well known African American photographer who’ s subjects included the Dead as I mentioned, The Harlem Renaissance, Jazz, religion, and everyday people; black people. He was born in 1886 and lived to be nearly 100 years old. His work in New York is well known, as is his depiction of a people, in that  time."

This is a quick sketch I did of him. One day I’ ll find that “ Book of the dead” again!
-Robert Trujillo

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Black Pioneers: EAOC Celebrates Black History Month

Artist Marcus Kwame Anderson share about Dwayne McDuffie. Read more here

Check out beauty expert Chanelle of Indigofera  great blog post on pioneers in the back beauty business. Read more here.

Read Jewelry Designer Rabihah of Ram Jewels spotlight on Cheryl Moody "The Bead Lady"  here.

Be sure to check out the other member participating shops here.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Rising of an Ancient Craft: Black Art and Craft Movement-EAOC Collective Blogging Event

In celebration of Black History Month starting today February 21- 25  Join EAOC  team members as they blog about this topic. Rising Of An Ancient Craft: The Black Art and Craft Movement.  

EAOC Members participating in this blogging event:


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