Sunday, October 25, 2009

Hair Apparent

I don't know about you, but my hair literally is my crowning glory. Some days I hate it. Most days I love. But I always celebrate it! I almost never have a bad hair day because with a few well-chosen products and some cool accessories, I am stylin' and profilin'! Check out these uber-cool hair must-haves courtesy of Team EAOC. Don't forget to tag your listings with "eaoc" to be found by your team members!

Loc Tam-Ayana Red

Eight Star Hairclip-Gina Be Jeweled

Orange Headband Tube-Virtuous Creations

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Get Me Bodied!

Check out these delicious, handmade body treats courtesy of our wonderfully-talented team! As a fellow B&B'er, let me say that handmade bath and body products are the best. You can rest assured that the quality of these selections is top-notch and made with the utmost care.

Eucalyptus Rose Soap by Christine Gant

Ginger Lime Body Butter by Safiya Beauty

Juicy Peach Kernal Nectar by Darcy Botanicals

Sweet Fig Body Polish by The Ivory Magnolia

Vanilla Ylang Ylang Perfume Roll On by Astrida Naturals

Friday, October 2, 2009

Cool Weather Luxe!

I've been a bad blogger lately, and I apologize to the team. The approaching holiday season has me on edge with planning and crafting and such, but I'm back! I thought I'd start off this beautiful autumn season by featuring a few cool weather finds by searching the term "eaoc." Make sure that you tag your items "eaoc" so that we can find you! I'll be doing regularly posts like this with varying themes featuring our various talented artisans. But for now, check out these delightful discoveries!

Lotus Flower Ascot by Yarn Coture

Passion Red Body Knit Dress by Raghouse International

Pink-O-Licious Scarf by Jarvis Gift Boutique

Stylish Hat by By Ging

Triple Wave Afghan by designbcb


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