Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Check Out Some Of Our Newest EAOC Members!

There has been so many new members added this summer, and I think it's a great idea to show them off.   Here's two for now and more to come!  Visit their Etsy shops, heart them, show them some love! 

Top:  Pillows made by Amani at Home

"Amani at Home cushions are made in mind for any consumer who desires to add a touch of distinctive character to their home. These unique pillows are inspired by African cultures mixing traditional with modernism. Here you will find a fresh approach to fabrics like African Wax Prints, Batik, Natural Indigo Fabrics, Mudcloth, Kuba Cloth, Tie and Dye and so much more! While some patterns are more casual, others are more formal – some are more neutral while others add just the right POP of color. "

Bottom:  Wearable Art Jewelry made by Senufa

"I discovered ways to saw out faces and bodies from flat sheets of silver...
my focus now is to find these bodies and faces in a seed pod, slice of ebony or in a turtle shell and cat bones....
then, integrate silver and bronze to create wearable art!"

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