How To Become A Member
Here's what you need to know. To become a member:
1. You must have seller status on
2. Your shop must have active listings.
3. Have a facebook account.
Membership applications are reviewed the first week of every month.
ex. May 1-7
June 1-7
July 1-7
We have a team page on that makes joining simple visit here to Apply!
Once membership is approved members are required to maintain a certain level
of participation to remain in the group.
All members MUST:
  1. Maintain an active Etsy shop with listings (not including times of vacations or emergencies
  2. Abide by the user agreement of
  3. Add your member status to your profile (ie, "proud member of")
  4. Tag your shop items with "team eaoc"
  5. Click and comment on EAOC treasuries.
  6. Join our FaceBook Group Page.  (Only after step one is completed and are approved)
How Can All Members Get Involved:

EAOC Understands that  many of us have full time jobs, family, school and etc.. on top of our business. It can be very difficult to balance it all!  

Here's 10 easy ways for members to get involved and promote EAOC.
**Make it your goal to do at least one thing a week for EAOC!**

 1) You can Contribute to our team blog (
 Here's how: 

 We want or blog to boom and be active daily. EAOC has lots of followers and we want to provide interesting content for our readers. If you would like to create a weekly articles on style, home, how to etc.. please contact your team captain.

 2) Join us on facebook 2 ways . Connect and share great books, articles, tutorial, success stories, goals etc..with your fellow team members on members only facebook group page. 
Here's how 

Share sales, new product, upcoming shows, work in progress etc.. on our Etsy Artist of Color Fan page.
Here's how 

3) Create treasuries that includes EAOC team members. 
Here's how

4). Click and comment on treasuries made by your fellow team members. 

5) Tweet eaoc blog post and share them with your facebook friends. 

6) Join us on Flicker. Upload your product Images to our Flickr page. ( 

7) Blog about EAOC events, promotions and fellow team members.

8) Tag your shop items with "team eaoc"

9) Add a link to EAOC from your Blog using our badge! 

10) Create and organize an online event. For example shop treasure hunt, collective blogging event, theme products etc.. (We welcome any ideas big or small)

We are currently looking for team members to lead one of our committees. Here's more info on committees: Contact your Team Captain if interested. We are so happy to have you aboard!


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