Monday, September 22, 2008

Why Did You Join The EAOC Street Team?

We all joined the Artists of Color street team for various reasons. As stated on our Etsy team page, "The group's mission is to establish and maintain a distinctive group presence in the arts world, thereby creating greater opportunities for individual sales." We promote other member's shops as well as our own. The group has gone through changes, lost members and gained members since I joined earlier this year. As of today there are 121 members. That's a lot of folks, a lot of information sharing and a lot of promoting. So, why did you join the Etsy Artists of Color street team? This question was recently posed to members.

Stormee of
Stormee Jean and BobbyJoes40 Designs says: "I joined because I was looking for a network of artist to fellowship and bounce ideas and share. I thought that I could get some righteous critiquing for some of my peers. Also to meet other artists of color from other places. Also to offer my expertise where needed. Also to learn more about networking and promoting online."

LouAnn Ingram of
LouAnns Designs adds: "I joined to be able to collaborate with other artist of color around the country. How we can be helpful to one another. Seeing all of this talent on EAOC is just amazing, we come from all walks of life. All types of creative juices flow through this team.

I am not computer savvy, so I will be a little slow. Turning 68 young on Aug 23rd, I am eager to learn all that I can but at a slower pace. This is what I expected out of EAOC and I will give back all that I can. I want to have fun too. (lol)

I agree with Stormee about how to be more proficient in marketing, and networking on line."

In addition to promoting and collaborating, the group as a whole has the potential to inspire and motivate its members. Sedruola Maruska of
Sedruola Maruska Yarn Obsession says, "I joined because it's always good to connect with others who share you passion for creativity. I joined because it's always good to connect with other people of color to help boost each other up in whatever way we can.

I like being part of a group where everyone has something they're doing to push themselves forward. I joined, because I wanted to help as much as I am helped by the fellowship."

Also sharing their reasons for joining:

Nadyne Bell of
Sweet Babies By Sistagirls
"I joined because I love to see how creative we can be and to bounce ideas across the globe! Our talents need to be at the forefront and shared by all. Also it is a way to receive critiques to help in marketing and selling our works. Not only that but you also get to communicate with etsians of color in places that you may have or may not have been able to visit. Keep the communication flowing and best to all!!!!!!!"

Autumn of
Seasons of Autumn
"I joined EAOC because I saw an opportunity to network with other artisans and crafters, as well as people of color. I love the idea of being able to share ideas, and receive and give critiques as well.

Like most of the other members, I am looking to learn better networking skills and to share some of my own ideas with the rest of the world. It's also nice to see how others have honed their home and crafting businesses."

Jennifer of
Jennifer Price Davis and Gingelime
"Hi there! I joined EAOC to feel connected to a part of the larger community by finding groups that reflect parts of who I am. I value feeling that my whole being has a place on Etsy and I think the EAOC is a part of that."

For whatever reason you joined the team you are among a group of diverse and amazingly talent individuals. As independent crafters we must take advantage of every opportunity to get our names out to the public. You've heard it before but it bears repeating - there is strength in numbers. And as one dedicated team member reminds us, "teamwork makes the dream work!"

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Wow! Take A Look September Contests

I have found out about a couple of contests and sales events that will be going on this month, I hope everyone gets a chance to participate in the fun.
First the Ivory Magnolia has a coupon special in her shop. And she has decided to carry out this special until the end of the month. Mmmmm I have ordered her "White Tea and Ginger"
satin body cream and it is so luxurious. What a great time to try her products.
Weekly Coupon: $5 off $15! Save $5 off any order of $15 or more. (discount will be refunded after Paypal checkout). Offer does not apply to shipping.

Sedruola Maruska is stepping up her I'm pushing $40K! event on her blog. Please go to her blog to find out more. Happy birthday Sedruola .


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