Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Blog Love: Blossoming Tree BodyCare

Truth be told, sometimes I wish I could scratch 'n sniff Lisa's Blossoming Tree Body Care blog.  In my mind, beautiful scents emit from the keyboard as she types all the descriptions of all of her yummy soaps and perfumes and foot soaks.  I'm sure that's just in my mind, but one can dream.

So what does Lisa say about herself?
"For as long as I can remember I have been involved in some sort of crafting. Photography, painting, glue, glitter, beads, buttons and glass. Sewing, stenciling, candle making, crocheting, knitting and woodworking. Designing, arranging and planning to do more.

Why did I start making body care products? Short version: after having used a good number of products that didn't react well with my skin I set out to find a way to make what I needed myself. After all, having tried my hand at so many forms of crafts I knew I could do this too. Thus began my journey into handmade body products. This eventually led me to soap making, then on to natural perfumery. I love what I do and even if I wasn't selling I'd still happily craft away making body care products for myself and family."
 What kinds of products does Lisa make and advertise on her blog?

bath oils
castile soaps
natural perfume oils

It's no wonder that Lisa's favorite materials are essential oils.  :-)

Check out the Blossoming Tree Body Care blog today, and feel free to also stop by the Blossoming Tree Etsy shop.

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