Monday, October 31, 2011

Blog Love: The Knitter's Restaurant

Meet  Beverly Bochenek of The Knitter's Restaurant.

What does Beverly have to say about herself?
I learned how to knit in grade school - using pencils. I made a hideous looking scarf that I wore my freshman year in high school and after that I put down the knitting needles until a few years ago. Now it's amazing they are out of my hands long enough for me to write this!

I have a degree in English Literature and I love to write. Please visit my blog: for a steady update on knitting (it really is quite interesting) and other things as I see them.

StitchCraft is a knitting group I founded in 2007 and has over 100 members. The group has three components:

A social network for people who just want to get together and knit. No pressure to make things for charity or knit a sweater or anything like that. Just getting together for the love of the craft and the enjoyment of those who love it the same.

A mission component for those who are interested in knitting for a cause. We are asked to provide items for different charities and we hold an annual Sit & Knit where we get together for a morning to knit for a specific group or organization.

The Marketplace - for those who want to sell their items, we provide opportunities to participate in craft sales and shows. It is a way to get into the business side of knitting without too much of a financial impact.

If you are in the Chicago area and would like to join the group, please visit for information on our meeting schedule.
What can you expect to find on Beverly's blog? 

To learn more about Beverly's work, please visit her blog or her Etsy shop!

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Sharon said...

I love Beverly's hats. Nice work.


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