Sunday, October 23, 2011

Blog Love: River Girls Studio 365

Meet Wanda Fleming of River Girls Studio 365.

What does Wanda have to say about herself?  
I am the girl, who at eight, loved to make her own dollhouse and furniture to fill it. After all, what are shoeboxes and vintage fabrics for? Valentines emerged from lace doilies, and quilts from found cottons and silks. Over the years, before babies and between writing, I fell in love with card design, stained glass window making and mostly soaping. In 2010, I celebrated 10 years of handcrafting River Girls gentle soap and bath products--always colorful, kind to the earth and 100% vegetarian.
Each day in the River Girls Studio, I seek to make the rudimentary-- pretty, the plain--witty and memorable. My sense of humor is a bit twisted and always wry! ;-) . And, I adore my work because, step-by-step, it recalls how to explore and play.
What can you expect to find on Wanda's blog?

Lovely soap creations...

Beautifully created Etsy montages...


and loads of humor!

To learn more about Wanda's work and to see what else is on her River Girls Studio 365 Menu, please visit her blog or her Etsy shop!

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Cassandra Bromfield's Blogs said...

Love the tea cup Soap. That would be lovely for a bridal tea. Congrats

Miss Val's Creations said...

Gorgeous soaps! The bicycles are so charming! ~Val

Harvest Girl ~ said...

love love love


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