Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Blog Love: Intertwyned

Meet Cecile of Intertwyned.

What does Cecile have to say about herself?
I always liked tinkering with things but never thought of myself as very patient. When I met my best friend Jamie, she woke a sleeping beast..... She was a self taught crocheter and I recalled learning how to knit in middle school in Sweden. We discovered that the way I knew how to knit was different from the American way of knitting, but the results are the same, go figure!

When I moved from Colorado to Alabama in 2010, I figured it would be too hot to knit. I needed a new hobby. Someone suggested earrings but I just couldn't see myself capable of creating such small and delicate items. It just so happened I was in Michael's craft store one day and instead of going straight to the yarn section like I usually do, I took a detour through the bead aisle. Talk about sensory overload! I wanted to buy the whole store. I was so overwhelmed by all the pretty that I just walked away from it empty handed. I went home and did my research and once I knew what kind of materials, findings and beads to look for, I returned with a shopping list.

Now I enjoy making unique earrings that are comfortable and light (no one wants split earlobes, ladies. It just isn't cute)

I LOVE to travel and I have seen so many pretty places around the world. I draw inspiration for my earrings and knits from places, colors and impression of places I have been so that my buyer can bring a piece of the world home or wear it.
What can you find on Cecile's blog and Etsy shop?


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mpmi said...

Hey I wanted to invite you to my blog party tomorrow. Hope you can make it.

Robert Trujillo/Tres said...

Dope style!! Feelin it!


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