Saturday, March 29, 2008

Custom made fashion by African Fashions

Heres a little on custom made fashion, the step by step process.

I know for one I love to have my suits tailor made and working in the fashion industry for a few years found that more then just a few women love it too...
Well one of my fellow team members, Roseline Meier of African Fashions, has had the privilege of doing a custom order and sharing the experience with us...

On the 16th of March someone wanted a vintage dress custom made.All she (the customer) said was, "Hi! I am looking for a vintage inspired sun dress but I would like something embroidered or appliqu├ęd with cupcakes. I am kind of open to ideas about the dress but I would like something flattering and something made with nice, non-scratchy material."

So Roseline sent her a bid (quote) and told her she could make a dress to look like this:
Roseline says she picked this design because it was like the customers avatar. She accepted the bid and I told her for a proper fit I needed all her measurements, so I sent her to this web site and told her to follow their directions using their chart to give us your complete measurements.
After that then I started sewing.

First I do the top. Then I add the collar.

Then I add on the skirt...

Then its time to put it all together...

Roseline Meier says, 'CUSTOM ORDERS WELCOME!' Roseline can design and sew whatever you want, and not just women's clothing either, but also men's and children's clothing. She also tells me she can create any style of clothing, not just afrocentric and she's an expert seamstress. She creates all her own designs and can copy a design of your choice.

Roseline says, "I am so adept that from the scantiest of information, like a picture or sketch, I can sew for you the fashions you desire. We are happy to quote you a price."

Having some background in fashion and talking with Roseline and watching her at work I can truly tell you she is a great designer and sewer. Don't believe me check out shop and if you still need more proof read some her feedback:

Dear Roseline,
I'm delighted with my purchase. The kaftan is just as pictured, and it's great having an easy-care fabric in such a stylish print. You provided A1 communication throughout the process. Also, I appreciate you being reasonable about shipping cost to Canada.
thank you,


It looks fabulous!
Yes, that is the correct address! Thanks for the additional pictures! I love the "artist at work" shots! :)

Wow! What more can one say?
I don't know about you but I love to see the work of a crafter at their best and there are just somethings I love to see being put together, the mechanics of it and all.

Well Thanks Roseline for sharing that and if you like what Roseline of African Fashions can offer and you have a style or design for a dress or outfit tickling your fancy then why not have it custom made to fit and by a great seamstress like Roseline...

Check her out today don't waste time! AFRICAN FASHIONS


Shannon said...

absolutely beautiful dress!! great blog!!! lovin' it!!

Unknown said...

Wonderful! Very beautiful!

I am still waiting to be added to the list of members:) Could you add me please?

Jeni said...

What a fabulous custom story! And a great dress. Thanks so much for sharing!

Krazy Kate Designs said...

This is an awesome blog post! Thank you so much for sharing this incredible shop.

Anonymous said...

That was great to read! Keep up the good work!

Betty Refour said...

Great story! I have a degree in Fashion Design but I hate to sew. I have the utmost respect for people who both design and sew garments.


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