Monday, March 31, 2008

The Search For Stones

by Maria of MariaMaria

In being an artist/crafter, I find I am always looking to re-purpose items or find new items at an inexpensive cost while creating quality items. I love making jewelry and embellishing them with stones. Here are a few ways to obtain stones at the least cost to you:

1. I have personally lost many an earring (most women have ). If by chance it belonged to a pair that had stones these can be used in your current jewelry making projects.

2. Thrift stores, always a good choice for re-purpose jewelry - try your local stores.

3. a great source for stones, tools and other craft items. You can search specifically for the items your looking for, or under various sections like Crafts/Hobbies, Jewelry, Tools. Research the web for retail prices and set your limits to what you will pay for an item.

4. is my best source for semi-precious, precious stones and Swarovski stones. Some of the precious stones even come with gemologist certifications. You can search under Jewelry and look under Loose Stones - also check in the Apparel section under Women's Accessories. The last section you can check under is Other, Art Collectibles/Other. Read the listings carefully to determine if they are natural or lab created stones; set your limits and bid accordingly. Note: they usually have multiples of items or lots you may be looking at, so if you missed out on something, try back again and be mindful of this when bidding.

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Marcia P. said...

Thanks for sharing. The bracelets are gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

The bracelets are very pretty. I especially like the Tanzanite & Leather.

Thank you for sharing your tips on finding stones. I don't make jewelry but it's nice to see crafters sharing info and giving a helping hand.


Haute Innovations said...

Those are some beautiful bracelets!


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