Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Vintage Art of French Beading

By Crystal Leslie of Ayana Creations

There are two methods that can be used to make beaded flowers, the Victorian method, also known as the English or Russian method, and the French method. The main difference is that in the Victorian method, the thread or wire passes through each bead twice or more, and the wire passes from row to row on the sides of the petal or leaf. With the French method, the wire passes through each bead only once, and passes from row to row in the center of the individual piece.

I use the French beading method to create my flowers. Thousands of tiny seed beads are strung onto flexible wire and shaped into various flower components. These parts come to life when they are crafted to make flowers and foliage. Next the stems are wrapped with floral tape. The stems can also be wrapped embroidery thread or beads for a more dramatic effect. I prefer embroidery floss because it has a silky finish.


Phyaflyjones said...

This is a very cool post. I thourougly enjoyed it.

Crystal said...

Thanks so much for including this article. :D


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