Sunday, April 29, 2012

Mother's Day Line Up

There are three weeks remaining to Mother's Day. So get started shopping for mom with selections from Team EAOC members. Following are just a few of the many products from our talented members.

Chicken Pot Holder Set by craftinjenn

Rockies Bracelet by jldarden

Green and White Bead Earrings by Team Expressions

Note Cards - Dire Warning no.11 by tagteamtompkins

Mixed Media Painting by CelebratingART

Rosebud Earrings by HopesLovingHands

Coconut Mango Repairing Mask by hydroquenchsystems

Rectangle Bamboo Hoops by TheNeoChic

Sweet in Pink by SobahSobee

fashion-illustration-rocking-my-afro-in by digitalrevolve

canvas-board-painting-moving-on by Libramom

Fertility Doll Earrings by EwaMadam

Chakra Balancing Bracelets by chastity moore

mauve bead necklace by JewelleryByKiki

Happy Shopping!

Rabihah Mateen

1 comment:

A little Minx said...

Hiya =) Hope you have a wonderful mothers day when it comes =) We dont have the same day as you in Sweden. =) But never the less, I hope you all have a brilliant day. Lovely blogg by the way. =) Have a good day.


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