Wednesday, March 14, 2012

{Skincare Finds} 5 Luscious Scrubs You Have to Try

Facial Scrub - (n.) a mixture of goodness used to scrub the gunk off your face; an exfoliator; a mixture that evens skin tone and softens the skin; something you have to use to make your pores look less awkward
-definition made up from experience by Brittany :)

Scrubs should be an essential part of your weekly skincare regimen. Here are a few yummy scrubs made by our fantastic members: beijaflores, jensancandles, skinfolk, thesoapseduction, and purespa2.

Moisturizing Honey Butter Sugar Scrub w/ Organic Shea Butter and RoseHip Oil

LAVENDER Essential Oil Dead Sea Salt Body Scrub with Sweet Almond and Olive oils

Sweet Molasses Body Rub...Organic BlackStrap Molasses and Enzyme-Rich Papaya Seeds with Hydrating Babassu Oil

Creamy Sugar Scrub-Lemon Sugar

Shower Sugar Scrubs - Goats Milk - Pink Sugar

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