Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Blog Love: The DynaSmiles Stationary

Meet Daveia Thomas-Odoi of The DynaSmiles Stationary!  Daveia Thomas-Odoi is the illustrator behind The DynaSmiles™ Stationery and is also the owner of DNT Dynamite Design; a graphic design services company in NJ.

What does Daveia have to say about herself?
Hi I'm Daveia and I'm the illustrator behind the The DynaSmiles™ Stationery. Here you'll find my fun and cute designs available as art prints, invitations and announcements that hopefully will bring a smile to your face.
You can also visit my other online locations to see more:

Look at some of the wonderful stationary items you'll find on Daveia's blog:

To learn more about Daveia's work, visit The DynaSmiles Blog and Daveia's Etsy Shop!

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Unknown said...

nice article. Here you can find importers marketplace for buy bulk fashion clothings.

Daveia Odoi said...

Thanks for highlighting my blog. This was a pleasant surprise. I will be sure to add this to my "PRESS" section for the DynaSmiles website.


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