Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Brass and Copper Jewelry Picks

  1. Dancing Pearls Brass Earrings  by RunakoDesigns
  2. Copper Hoop Earrings by Norahz 
  3. Natural Warrior Copper Earrings by WisdomsWork
  4. Cooper Funk by SankofasChild 
  5. Loop Du Loop Copper Bracelet By WireQueen
  6. Green Variscite and Copper Bracelet by JazJewelz


Unknown said...

Love the copper jewels!

MlleCafeAuLait said...


Dee said...

wow...thanks for the feature, what a great pleasant surprise. Selected pieces are all wonderful!

Lisa Abdul-Quddus said...

Nice work!

Sabbio said...

I totally fall for these earrings!

Jennifer Malley said...

These are some really nice copper designs. Little known fact about copper, it is believed in some culture that copper could indicate the level of health of the wearer by the amount of brightness is depicts.


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