Friday, February 19, 2010

EAOC's Friday Spotlight

Meet EAOC Artist:  Monica

 A smooth creamy blend of unrefined shea butter,coconut oil and extra virgin olive oil. Lil Better butter is excellent to seal moisture into hair and skin. This product is all natural and handmade. There is a pleasant fruit or vanilla-sugar fragrance. 

Etsy Shop:
Tell us about yourself.
I am teacher who learned to love her natural hair.

What are you currently doing besides your creative craft?
Teaching :)

What is the address for your Etsy shop?

What do you offer in your Etsy shop?

Lil Better Butter

Where do you create?
I create in my home.

Where do you find your inspiration?
All the beautiful natural hair women online and in my city.

How did you get started in your line of business?
I created the product I wanted to use, then shared it at a reasonable price.

How do you promote your business?
My blog, Youtube and word of mouth

What is one of your most important lessons you've learned since starting your business?
I've learned not to undervalue myself or my products.

What advice would you give someone just starting out?
If everyone else could do it, they would!

What are some of your favorite online shops on and off Etsy?
Qhemet Biologics, UrbanBazaar, Bobeam Natural hair products(LaQuita33),Naturally Sophia, Ododo Originals

What are your other sites (i.e. Blogger, Wordpress, Facebook, Twitter)?,, twitter:knapsgirl

Congratulations, Monica for being a featured artist.

Tune in on next Monday for our next featured EAOC member!


Lisa Abdul-Quddus said...

Keep up the great work Monica!

Kaati Rocketts said...

What a great product!


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