Friday, December 19, 2008

Tomoka's Twists DNatural Set Contest

This giveaway is now closed

DNatural is made of round,
dark wood beads of various
sizes. This hair tie will go with
just about everything from
boho to conservative styles.

Image Hosted by

The contest - In 100 words or less please leave a comment telling us why
you're natural and represent your state.

Rules: Bloggers will be notified by a post on their blog. If you do not have a
blog, please leave an email address in the comments or send it in an email
to . This contest is international friendly.

Start-end dates: Friday December 19, 2009 ending on Sunday December 21,
2008 at noon. The winner will be notified upon conclusion of the contest. The winner
has 12 hours to respond or an alternate will be chosen.


Luvologist said...

This is an excellent idea. Much respect to you.

Anonymous said...

I'm all natural. My hair has been longer and silkier because of it too. I've gotten so many compliments since going with my kinky afro so it makes me feel so much better.

After many years of fighting and think I and my hair have finally come to a peace agreement.

Sarah, South Carolina

Antonette said...

I've always flirted with natural styles, but I’ve been natural for seven consecutive years this time around. When my mom was diagnosed with a scalp disease I decided to stop using chemicals in my hair.

Initially, I went the route of cornrows, and then was convinced to try gel twist, two strands, and finally traditional hand roll locs. I love it all! But one day I saw a woman with sisterlocks and realized that that was the final answer for me. Now all I need are Tomoka Twists to accentuate my beautiful locs.

I live in DC! Great place to find skilled lockticians!

Anonymous said...

I don't know if I have 100 words to say about why I decided to go natural other than this: For me it was just the only logical thing to do. I mean why spend so much precious life energy and time trying to get a part of my physical self (hair) to go against what it is naturally inclined to do? Relaxing my hair and all the drama associated with it, eventually just failed to make any sense! I currently live in MD, but I'm a bit of a butterfly, so I've lived in many states. Anyway, I am definitely a supporter of Etsy Artists of Color!!! This concept is awesome and I just hope it grows and grows and grows!!!

Anonymous said...

Rep'n MICHIGAN I am natural for two reasons 1. Because I had an allergic reaction to a product that left bald patches in my hair; I continued to relaxed for 8 year after this TRAGEDY and for the entire 8 years my hair remained thin and patchy in areas. Finally I read that if I stopped relaxing for a year I could regrow my hair stronger, so I planned to stop relaxing for only 1 year and then go back. One year turned into 3.5 and my hair has grown back and it's healthier and longer than ever. Around this same time my daughter was turning 2 and I noticed how fine and soft her hair was (after it finally started growing in) I didn't want her to feel she had to get a relaxer to be beautiful, besides her hair wouldn't be able to withstand it. I also remember when she was about 3, she saw Ciara on a video and said she wanted her hair like hers; from that day on, it was my mission to be an example and show my daughter that natural hair is beautiful. She LOVES my hair (she's 5) and hers because she thinks her hair is like Corbin Blues

Anonymous said...

I have been natural for 12 years and I have found each year to be more inspiring than the previous. I love everything about natural hair from the colors and textures, to the many styles that can be worn. I love the feeling of strength it gives me and portrays on fellow naturals. There is something about the thickness and the curl that creates the feeling of strength and courage.

I am not entering the contest because I am a customer of Tomoka's Twists. I want someone else who may have any be able to enjoy them as we do here in OHIO.

I love to support the crafts of others as much as I can. Best wishes to the contestants.


Anonymous said...

I love Tomoka's Twists!!! Big respect to Carmen for offering this giveaway.

Handcrafted by LaMar said...

Great blog post...

Well I am natural and represent NY state. Natural b/c I have never forgotten where I have come from and use many of that in how I operate and control my business.

Laquita said...

Great contest :o)

Don’t know if I can make the 100-word count without writing a book but I’ll try to keep this short :o)

I started a 'living room hair salon' business at age 13 - doing everything from perms/Jheri curls to extensions weaves and braids.

I heard all types of hair breakage/burn horror stories. I remember the clients who had the healthiest hair were always the natural ones.

But, this didn't register with me until over ten years later when I decided to go natural. For some reason I would perm my hair, wear it out for a week or two then put in braid extensions.

My biggest inspiration were my youngest clients. I would braid their hair - no extensions needed and envy their beautiful natural braids.

Then in the 90s Lauryn Hill with the Fugees came on the music scene - all it took was one look at the CD cover and her face on magazines like Right On! and Word Up! to send me on a mission of natural hair.

After the third attempt of growing out perms, I’ve been natural for about nine years and haven’t turned back.

miznyc said...

I'm a bit of a nomad but I'll rep my newest home, MD!

I became natural because I was leaving the country for a while and did NOT want to deal with the hassle of finding a stylist in another country.

It was just such a wonderful experience to play with my hair in its natural state.It was like getting in touch with me. I couldn't possibly go back now!

I've had a fro, twists, cornrow, locs and back again. lol. I love the versatility. Oh and that I can go out in the rain without being concerned. :D

Great contest. Just showing support. Good luck entrants!

Evelyn said...

I live in D.C., but my home state is Massachusetts. My hair has been natural for most of my life and I love it that way. Whenever I would try to tame my wild hair with chemicals, I ended up with crispy, dry, damaged hair that suffered breakage and just looked fake.
I've had locs now for over five years and I love them. I maintain them myself and they are now almost to my waist. I think that natural hair is beautiful, and I do my best to compliment other sistahs when I see them wearing natural hair styles.

evelynb30 AT

aquababie said...

just here to support my fellow eaoc! she offers a great product! you ladies will be thrilled to win :)

Anonymous said...

I'm natural because that is my hair's natural state and, therefore, the environment in which it will respond the best.

I'm not against those who relax, but it isn't for me. I'm also not against temporarily altering my hair texture to achieve a style. It doesn't change who I truly am. As the saying goes "every nappyhead ain't down for the cause."

We of African descent have always been a people who enjoy the art of modifying our appearance since before we left the Motherland. So, it should not come as a surprise that we continue to do so. On a larger scale, human beings have always practiced different forms of modification. We probably always will.

For me, I am opposed to the application of chemicals to my scalp. My body doesn't respond well to them. That also includes chemical-based hair dyes.

I prefer organic/natural products, but I will use products with chemicals like a conditioner, but only on the ends of my hair, away from my scalp.

My natural hair is truly who I am. It's how I was born, and I like the thought that I haven't lost that. When I look in the mirror, I can still see me -- an adult version of the little girl I used to be -- and not a stranger. I like that.

P.S. I love my Tomokas Twist.

Anonymous said...

CeeCee from NJ here! I have been natural for five years. I cut off my hair in October 2002 when I was four months pregnant with my first child. I had had enough! My natural texture was stronger and healthier than the burnt out over processed hair I was trying to sport.

Anonymous said...

CeeCee from NJ here! I have been natural for five years. I cut off my hair in October 2002 when I was four months pregnant with my first child. I had had enough! My natural texture was stronger and healthier than the burnt out over processed hair I was trying to sport.

I reposted with my correct blog address!! :)

Pam said...

Pam here from GA by means of OH!

Growing up I was taught that thick and long hair wasn't manageable and wasn't "good hair". Only straight manageable hair was considered to be "good hair".

After going natural in 2007 and maintaining my hair to my liking and not of societies, I found out that not only is my hair manageable but it's healthier as well. Being natural to me represents an love of self, and the love of my heritage. That's why I am natural, with extra thick and long beautiful healthy hair. I don't conform to anyone's standard of beauty except my own and to me beauty is being Natural.

NAPturALLBluT said...

WOW! Big ups to you Carmen. Here in the Mississippi Delta, you don't see too many natural women. I stopped perming because I wanted an example for my children and I believe that by permenantly altering my hair, I am telling the Lord that He made a mistake. Now, you know He doesn't make mistakes. I want my children to know that he made all of us different and special and that they should embrace Him and who He made them to be!

Anonymous said...

Carmen you are awesome and always an inspiration! To me being natural means being free. Setting my hair free was just the first step in my journey towards finding who I am and the type of person I want to be. Being free allows me to lead a more authentic life.

Kim from Aurora, Illinois

Tayari Jones said...

I've been natural for about fifteen years now and I have seen how far we have come. I started out way back when sister refusing the perm just cut it all off. We went to the barber with the fellas because we didn't know what else to do. In the last couple decades we have been learning how to style our hair. There's a lot of trial and error involved. I believe that Tomoka's Twists just represent another step in the evolution of natural hair care. I love that we are inventing our our styles and our own solutions for our own gorgeous hair.

As for my state-- Georgia Peach here, you can tell by my fuzz!


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