Thursday, May 1, 2008

Weekly Giveaway!

From Ramona at Bklyn Momo's and Jennifer at Ginger Lime!

Sorry I'm a little behind this week, but I'll give an extra day to get your entries in. This week, we are having a Double Giveaway! It's very exciting! The lucky winner will receive a pair of golden crocheted earrings by Bklyn Momo's and a Spring Poker Chip Magnet from Ginger Lime!

Ramona creates crochet fashions that are off the hook! You can go here to check out her shop. Jennifer adds some spice to your life with her creations - you can find them here.

How to play:
You will have to go to BOTH shops and come back here to leave a comment. Your comment is your entry and you can only enter once. The contest runs until Sunday evening 11:59 pm ET, with the winner being notified and posted here on Monday.

In your comment please include:
1. Your favorite item in each shop. (So there should be 2 favorites listed.)
2. Tell us something about you that is "off the hook!" or "spicy" (Keep it clean - there are children around!)
3. A way to contact you if you are the winner.

Those four items must be in your comment for your entry to be valid. Good Luck!


Anonymous said...

All That Glitters Aint Gold Purse

You Are Not the Boss of Me, ACEO Print

I only collect African-American dolls


DivaDea said...

Wow, two shops I hadn't seen before, and I love them both! I couldn't pick one favorite, so I chose 2 from each.

You Give Me Butterflies Pants and the Rainbow Connection Purse

Quilted Soul and Fairy Queen Prayer (love love love this one)

I made curry beans for dinner this week. They were spicy :)

Unknown said...

These ladies are wonderfully talented!

Favorites: "Feelin' Hot, hot, hot shorts!!!!! & A Mother's love hand stiched recycled card

I'm about to be 40 and I feel FABULOUS!

I am at,,

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

From Ramona's shop - "The Rainbow Connection Purse" (Love you Ramona!)

From Jennifer's shop - "Turtle Says One Love" ACEO print

something off the hook -> I'm a 19-year-old mom of a 4-year-old and i'm determined to succeed no matter what!

I'm Frances =


Anonymous said...

my favorite item in bklyn momo's is the sometimes it snows choker =]
and in ginger lime i like the turtle says one love painting=]

i guess something spicy about me is that...i write my feelings in poetry.

if i win which i hope i doooo u can email me:



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