Monday, April 7, 2008

Healthy Crafting

Crafting and artistic pursuits have been known to be relaxing and even therapeutic value. But Harvard University’s world-renowned mind/body expert, Herbert Benson, MD, says that repetitive and rhythmic crafts such as knitting may even evoke what he calls the relaxation response—a feeling of bodily and mental calm that’s been scientifically proven to enhance health and reduce the risk of heart disease, anxiety and depression.

Here are a few EAOC we can check with:
Ladies They Talk About
LS Krochet
Raghouse International
BklynMoMos.etsy. com

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TLCSays said...

Knitting is completely and totally my therapy! I homeschool my 4 kids and have a craft business. I actually don't sell any of my knits because they have so much of my stress in them. I love them and I can't give them to anyone. There's the sweater I made because it was winter and the kids go and play - so I made myself something pretty while keeping my hands busy enough to no throttle the kids! I could go on and on! Every project is made with such concentration, every inch is a problem unravelled.


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