Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Blog Love: Niki Art Studio

Meet Niki Lopez of Niki Art Studio.

What does Niki have to say about herself?
I am a creative spirit. I have been attracted to art, color, and weird places in my mind since I could remember. Work from home on my art, photography, and graphic design while my two year old tries to rule the house...

For my paintings, it's not just about the end product or where my painting will end up. For me the journey and the process that goes into creating, the brush strokes, the energy, and for some pieces, the research. Some of my work is a personal piece of my story, while others are about research, story telling, and awareness, while some are just response to the energy or vibe of the day and very cathartic.

My photography work allows me to tie in my graphic design process and techniques and explore another aspect of story telling.

When you support and share my work, you help me in my journey of sharing and growing as a artist.
What can you expect to find on Niki's blog?
Of course her beautiful artwork...

...and how she uses her talents to support community organizations and efforts

To learn more about Niki's work, please visit her blog or her Etsy shop!

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