Saturday, September 24, 2011

Blog Love: The Artful Chatterbox

Meet Renaissance Austin, the creative force that is Raghouse International!  Follow her blog, The Artful Chatterbox, to learn about her passions for crafting, fashion, photography and more!

So what does Renaissance have to say about herself? 
Creativity, I cannot live without. I love all things beautiful and the visual and performing arts. And most of all I love love...
I was taught crochet at the age of eight by my grandma who is my creative foundation. I love her! By eleven, I was sketching and designing women's clothing and hand sewing by twelve. I continued with my fashion studies all the way through school and into college where I double majored in fashion design and fashion marketing.
I officially opened the doors of my shop to the online community in 2007 and I have not looked back!
Since that time I've learned knitting,jewelry assembly and design and am continuing to learn and grow from amazing artisans from all over the world!

Raghouse International's mission is to finally put the rest the bad reputation that crochet has had from its birth. In the early years of this art form, crochet was know as a poor man's craft, bulky, ugly to wear, not comparable to knitting, but the past ten years have changed this and revolutionized the craft. Crochet and even knitwear in general have pushed their way to the forefront of the fashion industry and because I am so passionate about texture, I create every piece with texture in mind. I don't see crochet or knit, but feel, mood, and style. I hope you see it too!

What can you expect to find on Renaissance's blog?

...and video clips showcasing her work, like this one - Cat in a Hat.

Be sure to check out Renaissance's $31 Pre Fall sale while it lasts!

To learn more about Renaissance and her work, visit her blog and the Raghouse International Etsy shop!

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